Manage loans without hassle

You are accountant and need to keep track on intragroup lending. Which company owns to whom, which loan agreements are still valid, or your company is financing itself with large amount of different loans? You’re tired of running a huge Excel prone to mistakes. Why can’t accounting software have a module for loans? Well, now it does.


Your designated tool for loans

Integrates with your main ERP

Solving the missing element in your toolbox, which manages intragroup and external lending relationships. It integrates with your ERP and your bank - automated postings are all done for you!

Cash flow and agreements always in check

All these loans - when are they due? Subsidiary needs cash – where is the liquidity? With this built in cash flow report, everything will be clear. Especially useful when managing loans of a group of companies.

Full overview at a single glance

Loan balance reports for management or detailed views for auditors - you'll see Bankish Lite generate various views around loan balances, transaction history and even send balance confirmations!

Stay on top of the game with our key functions

  • Full portfolio control and overview
  • Templated agreements and digital signatures
  • Automated postings
  • Payment schedule generator
  • Automated messages and reminders
  • Balance confirmations
  • Cash flow management
  • ERP integrations

About us

Team with experience in capital markets since 1990s. Professional software providers for credit unions, banks, lending associations. We have met more and more people who struggle with the management of their loan books either as individuals, SMEs or accountants. We want to help you and bring to the market in 2022 a new, convenient, and affordable solution.