Lend without hassle

You have given out a few loans to your friends, neighbours and acquaintances. Having contracts in Word, payment schedules in Excel and reminders in personal calendars is too much hassle. Enter BankishLite.


Lite-weight toolbox for lending

Keep track of your agreements

Track receivables, dates and act on them - be it by sending notifications to the debtor, or reminders for yourself.

Do things your way

From agreement terms to personal reminders, everything is in one place and under your control.

Full overview at a single glance

You're always just a moment away of knowing exactly, how the loans are doing.

Forget spreadsheets with our key functions

  • Full portfolio control and overview
  • Templated agreements and digital signatures
  • Product/offer parameters
  • Payment schedule generator
  • Automated messages and reminders
  • Payment history overview

About us

Team with experience in capital markets since 1990s. Professional software providers for credit unions, banks, lending associations. We have met more and more people who struggle with the management of their loan books either as individuals, SMEs or accountants. We want to help you and bring to the market in 2022 a new, convenient, and affordable solution.